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Finally got around to seeing Super Size Me; there wasn't much surprise, since most of the reviews pretty much told you what happened to the guy when he went on a one-month McDonald's diet. There was one particularly alarming bonus feature, though: proof that McDonald's fries are unnatural.

What they did was buy some McDonald's sandwiches and fries (and a diner burger and fries, for comparison) and then set them out to rot. As you might expect, the diner food grew mold pretty quickly, as did all the fast food sandwiches with the exception of the Big Mac. The Big Mac managed to hold out for several days longer, but it too finally succumbed to the mold. The fries, though... the fries were still pristine and mold-free at 2 weeks - 4 weeks - 6 weeks - 8 weeks - 10 weeks - at which point the intern accidentally threw them out along with the sandwiches (which were, by this point, supporting entire miniature civilizations and smelling absolutely disgusting).

In other movie news, I finally got around to seeing Kill Bill 1 and 2, so now I'm all worked up about stealing bits of them for das_movie. Hmmm...

My dad and I had to see them while my mom was on a business trip, though, since she doesn't have much tolerance for violent movies. She went to Washington DC, and while she was there she saw proof that despite what Agent Kay may say about the FBI, some branches of government do indeed have a sense of humor. If one lives in our nation's capital, one can apparently buy vanity license plates that say "Taxation Without Representation" in place of the official slogan. If I ever get a government job in Washington, I'm definitely buying one of those.
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