Rachel (chocolatecrane) wrote,

Remains of the Dennis

We've had heavy rains all weekend, and the weather forecasters think we're likely to have multiple thunderstorms this week. My relatives in Mobile, Alabama have had to evacuate to Atlanta (as they did last year), and we hope they won't have to do so any more this year. Apparently the fifth hurricane of the season is heading for Texas, so that one at least won't hit them.

My dad heard an interview with a guy who studies weather records, and apparently the number of hurricanes per year has been slowly increasing ever since they started to really keep track. Except for the last decade or so - now the number of hurricanes per year is going up a heck of a lot faster. Maybe if his ranch gets hit, Bush will start to believe in global warming.

And we have a copy of the new Harry Potter book. The grocery store decided to get in on the deal, so my mom picked one up on her weekly shopping trip.
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