Rachel (chocolatecrane) wrote,

Jedi outnumber Jews? Plus more on BSG

Apparently England's 2001 census found that people who wrote in "Jedi" as their religion significantly outnumbered people who said they were Jewish. Hmmm....

Thoughts on why Battlestar Galactica is way better than Star Trek:

One of the minor themes that BSG uses is the idea that military personnel shouldn't let their personal feelings get in the way of doing their jobs. For example, if a combat instructor has an affair with her student, and gives him a higher grade than he's earned, she's putting him and his fellow soldiers at risk, because he'll then be put into situations that he isn't prepared to handle. In the show so far, I've seen multiple instances of officers letting their feelings override their good judgment, and it's always ended badly.

One of the Star Trek: Next Generation episodes that always bothered me was the one where Picard lets his feelings for a woman keep him from doing his job - or, more accurately, keep *her* from doing *her* job. I don't even remember what it was - research on suns going nova, maybe? - but it involved her leaving the ship and staying on a research station where her life might be at risk. Unfortunately, Picard subscribes to the theory that a man must always protect the woman he loves from harm, regardless of her feelings on the matter, and so he refuses to let her go to the station. The only consequence for him is that she ends the relationship and requests a transfer. The Nitpicker's Guide, which goes through all the Trek episodes and points out everything from plot holes to technical glitches, points out that she has excellent grounds for a sexual harassment suit here and wonders why she doesn't file one, as the Enterprise is presented as the most prestigious assignment in the fleet, and the captain's feelings for her are effectively forcing her to leave his ship if she values her career. And then there's the question of whether a captain who would interfere with important research just because he's sleeping with the researcher should even be allowed to keep his command.

Have I mentioned how happy I am to have a science fiction show with writers who actually think all this stuff out?
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