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So I've quit the IRS and enrolled at art school to learn how to do special effects for movies. Not the best-paid job in the world, but hopefully a fun one.

And, as part of my portfolio-building class, I have to make regular journal entries. I'll do my best to keep them interesting to readers besides the instructor. ;-)

Without further ado, then: Why College?

First of all, I don’t regard the Art Institute as a normal college. I went to college before, because it was expected of me, because it would be a change from high school (which I hated), and because I didn’t think I would have many worthwhile career options if I failed to go. And then, it turned out that a BA in economics didn’t necessarily qualify me for jobs I would enjoy. So, further education was going to be necessary, and I settled on digital art as the field that was most likely to be an enjoyable job.

So, really, I’m here for the job training. Personal growth would be nice, but that’s not what I’m spending large amounts of money on. I expect job training, job placement, and hopefully a nice network of fellow students.

To be sure, I was somewhat daunted when I got the syllabus for my first class, Intro to Design, and saw the amount of drawing required. I’m not very good at drawing, or very fast, and unless I can learn to improve in those areas I’ll probably be spending more time doing homework for Design and Fundamentals of Drawing than for all of my other classes. It'll be interesting balancing classwork with a part-time job, but at least I don't have kids to look after like some of my fellow students.

Overall, it’s nice to be going back to a college environment. My co-workers at the IRS had their points, but there weren’t many people there that I would choose to spend time with.
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