Rachel (chocolatecrane) wrote,

Art Projects

I really should try to get access to a scanner. I've got this big weird-looking cut-paper turtle head mounted on rigid posterboard, and I can't show it to anyone who isn't there in person.

It got an A- in Intro to Design, though, which I'm pretty happy about. My next one is probably going to be either a hermit crab climbing stalks of coral, or a giant caterpillar eating all the plants in the world. Darth Caterpillar will probably be more fun, as long as I can get the design right.

Has anyone seen Jan Svankmajer's Alice? I have to do a report on him for next week, and his films are all really freaky. But then, what do you expect from a card-carrying member of the Czech Surrealist Group? The political commentary in them is good, too.
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